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Faulty cronjob

Written by Adrian Kjær Dalhaug at 2020-04-21 07:37:52 UTC.

I got reports of strange behaviour and figured I'd check a cronjob to see if it had any problems. Running journalctl confirmed my suspicion: The last entry in the log was a few days ago.

Coincidently I remembered that the disk was full a few days ago before I increased the volume. Maybe crond had crashed due to full disk?
systemctl status crond said it was running just fine. Strange.

Next I checked my crontab, but it looked correct as well. So cron is running my correctly configured crontab... could it be...?

systemctl status systemd-journald. Yep! Crashed.

After restarting the service I could read output from the cronjob at its next run. Solving the initial bug reports were easy when equipped with proper logs.

Today I learned that it's probably a good idea to restart a server after a full disk to ensure every service has recovered correctly.

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